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Thursday, November 05, 2009

shopping day *-*

i think its been 2 months i did not buy any new clothes
so wanted to do shopping so badly recently
suppose to do it last saturday but it was a rainy day
so went out again today
spent at least 2 to 3 hours walking but get nothing
erm,..ok la...a scalf and a hair band
but i decided to get back to the shop
where i saw a lot of jackets
which is so my style....lol
so finally manage to get myself a coat and 2 t-shirts
with some discount from the cantonese speaking uncle
hehe,...seems like mood is coming
keep on walking,...went to MNG, Zara and Esprit
manage to get a winter coat from Zara Kids....lol
is very cheap which you couldn't find from adult department
a dress for my cousin's wedding and 2 tees on sales
woo-hoo...i am satisfy now....=)
girls will never satisfy la by right
but i am satisfy for today....lol
might wanna get something else from H&M
when im going to Zurich next week
wish to have UK flight
so that i can go Primark
to get more cheap stuffs...hehe
i know how to control not to over budget
don't worry ya,....;p

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