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Thursday, November 19, 2009


Tsunami, SARS, earth quake, H1N1,...etc
will it really be the end of the world in 2012??
from what we saw and what we know
all these are natural disasters
nobody knows why is all this happening
why must all this happening??
isn't it sad to see people lossing their love ones
but why people doesn't seem like appreciate their love ones
until the day they leave them

don't you feel like the God is like giving us warning??
have you ever think that this might be some punishment to humans??
God created such a beautiful world
God brought humans, animals, naturals on earth
but seems like the God creature is being destroyed nowadays
people burn the forest, cut the trees,
people fight within one another
as we can see from the movie
they are going to die the next minute
but still they are fighting
hows the contry or the world gonna be
if only the leader is survive without their populations??
how are they gonna work out a new world??

they know how important they are to give order
but do they ever know that
people who listen to their order??
without these people
nobody gonna help them

what the scientist said is very true
everything will be alright if they help one another
why must people buy for their life??
and even those who paid for it get betrayed
people who put so much effort being abandon
without people who pay for it
without people who build the ship
how are they going to be survive??
rapacity in humans are too strong
which can destroy themselves even the world
don't you think so??
people desire to get higher in place
people desire to be billionaire
people desire to be own everything
people desire to be the top man of the world
anyone out there wish not to be good in everything??
anyone wish not to be rich??
but why can't people help one another in place??
problems can solve in many ways
but they always take the same option
which is to hurt one party to get what they want
aren't they have feeling??
don't they understand that things people have
is from a lot of hard work by themselves??
but those demon can just get it with just an order
or even a sentence of words
how cruel people can be??
are they really happy in life??

i can be so upset just when i said a word which may have hurt someone
but how can they living in the world without feeling guilty??
but when bad things happen
the first thing they will ask for forgiveness
if they know how it can hurt someone so badly
why do they wanna do it in the first place??
humans are complicated
we might not understand ourselves sometimes
how sad it is??

i guess God will wanna see us supporting each other
instead of fighting and hurting each others
no matter what religion we are
no matter what skin colour we are
doesn't matter what's our blood type, whatever it is
i guess we are in the world
just because of the person who create us
He is our father
He create us, create everything for us
so we are all family
like what the America's President announce to the peoples
"we are now family
we are all gonna lives in the dark together
people have the right to know the truth
so he choose to stay
how great is this leader
he is not afraid of death
he choose to stay with his peoples
to help them and support them at the last moment in life
because without these people he will not be standing on top
leader should stop using their power to bully people
without their support, without teamwork
nothing can be done so well
i believe what is in my mind
we will be happier by helping one another
no matter how small little thing that you have done

you will be satisfy compare to standing up there without respect

anyone can be rich
knowledge in us are more expensive than money
without knowledge you will never get money
you will never get things that you want

do not stand there by saying "envy"
instead work on it, do something to get yourself "rich"
but do it base on your own conscience
people will be willing to support you all the way

instead of stepping on others shoulder without caring their feeling
people,....appreciate life before it is too late
appreciate people around you
God has His reason to arrange them along your way
no matter they are your loves one or your enemy
tell yourself " what goes around, comes around"
no matter how bad the people treated you
do not fight back
they will get it from someone someday
take it as a learning process
never trust people like them in future
from then you will grow up
to be someone much better than them
never do it to any other people
i believe when you treated someone nicely
they will not want to hurt you as well

i use to be one of those
standing there just to see how lucky are the others
but i already understand the principle in it
i have been working hard to get what i want
instead of doing nothing, open my palm and get money
i might get what i want now
people who do not know might think what i am doing now is easy
but they never see the hard work behind it
sometimes simple can be happier
you might not understand
but you will know it when you get to experience it
i have gone through the very hard time
it might be better now
but i want it to be better
at least do things that i really looking for
something which i could feel happier
no matter how difficult it is
i want it to be done

because i want my family to get better life which they deserve
compare to people who are on top of us
and always look down on us
i will never hate them
but i will tell myself to work harder
so i can climb over them
and my family can get over all this unecessary things
what is wrong to have normal and simple life
i never cross over your border
so don't come over ours too
just live your own life and learn to respect people
we are all the same
we are just human being
you yourself do nothing to get what you want
you have no qualification to complain people who work hard

if you keep doing that
end up you yourself will be the one who suffer
think about it yourself
people who have did it to me before
read it with your eyes open!!

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