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Friday, December 04, 2009

i'm missing..........

just to update you guys,....
my sore throat is not recover yet
were chatting with one of my bff
she makes me think of the past

i miss my mum who buy me coconut drink for sore throat
i miss my coursemate who use to force me taking medicine
i miss them who scold me when i steal french fries to eat
i miss my mum who switch off my fan when i complain cold
i miss people who force me to eat when i am on diet
i miss eating mamak at the middle of the night
i miss the moment we wait until 3am just for McD breakfast
i miss running up and down at the middle of the night
i miss the moment we sit at the park to share secrets
i miss cooking dinner for friends
i miss the moment we laugh until we couldn't stop
i miss the time we hang out after class no matter how far the place is
i miss exam time when we do discussion the day before test
i miss swimming together at the pool downstairs
i miss the time we shout at each other at the balcony
i miss the time we wait for one another at the lift before class
i miss travelling with friends no matter how sucks is the place
i miss sharing meal at the end of every month
i miss the small and pack lrt or buses when we use to hang out
i miss the karaoke room where we shout and dance stupidly
i miss we gather everyone just to watch one movie
i miss the moment we gather at someone house to watch DVD
i miss we play music and sing loudly together until we get complain
i miss all of us to squeeze in one car where we couldn't even breath
i miss having meal in a big group where we need to shout when we talk
i miss staying overnight at friend's house and go home only before class
i miss the stupid bday surprise which is always same from JAN to DEC
i miss when we sit down in the canteen and gossip about other people
i miss leaving home for class at 8am and be back at 3am after hang out
i miss few cars to stop by the road just to discuss where to go next
i miss we walk from one block to another to send everyone home

there are too many stupid and crazy stuffs that we had done
not only that i miss student's life
also the moment that we had spent together
no matter is just 2 person or the 20 of us
we just like to make noise everywhere we go
guys,....i really miss you all very very much
everything that i do here, i did it all alone
no longer with the big groups
no longer with the laughters
no longer with the noise
even travelling with a big group of people
but it is different no matter how great the place is
sometimes i just feel like i am alone still
time flies,....it is too fast for me
there are too many things that we couldn't hold on to
what we can do is just look forward and keep going
where are you guys now??
i couldn't feel anyone of you anymore
the distance is not too far yet it is not close anymore
i really miss all those moments we had
i really wish to have a pause once in a while
just to let me feels that you guys are still with me........

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