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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Rheinfall in Zurich

it is a miracle to me
that finally there are someone who wanna go out in Zurich
we decide to go to Rheinfall
the biggest waterfall in Europe
from the hotel to the train station
take a train which is about 1 hour journey

here we are
somewhere very near to Rheinfall
we just need to take a bus tram no.1 to the destination
it's only few stations away
thanks for people who helps us along the way

walking down to the Rheinfall
we all were so excited
can't wait to see the biggest waterfall in Europe
erm,...you won't feel anything when you walk down
but it was tiring when you get back
specially during winter....lol
hoho,...this is the waterfall we looking for
and we actually pass by when we are in the train
we thought this isn't the one
because we expect it to be very big n tall....lol
a little disappointment
but still we think this is very nice scenery
so girls,....time to snap

this is winter
there are no greens around
this is good enough for me
at least it looks good in the picture

someone said that it suppose to be nicer during summer
you can see fishes jumping out from the water
and you can take the boat to climb up of the rock
can you see the rock at the middle??
that's the one
and can you see some renovation on the top right??
the local told us that we actually can walk up there as well
but wrong timing for us
they are having renovation....sigh!!
maybe i should come again in summer
i guess this is a very fun journey for four of us
we were talking laughing all the way
taking photos together
thanks for the accompany for this tour
it is now part of my memories =p


  1. i love the last pic ..nice

  2. we all like it too,...haha...
    im the one who found the spot...lol