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Friday, November 13, 2009

my volcano

something which happen too fast too sudden
an irrational decision
a wrong decision
could lead us to an unhappy ending
one party need to be rational
no matter how insane is the other
disappointment vesus heart borken
former would be better than latter

disappointment could be taken away
once heart broken it hardly be heal
latter could lead to long term sadness

problems can be solve in many ways
as road comes with junctions

you choose the one you prefer
humans are always selfish
no right or wrong for being selfish when neccessary
you never know what's next if you refuse to turn in
take a U turn when you regret
it may be somewhere very far away
it may be no U turn along the way
we won't know which is the right way for us
do try even it fail instead of you never know the answer
fight for what we want
is our right to know the answer
to know the truth
to make things clear
your statements are clear enough
and i know you are not the one im looking for
i can't promise what's gonna happen in future
at least i know it is within short period of time

i got the answer
i never regret and i never will
it helps me to found the answer in me
this might be the right junction
i've threw out what i refuse to admit in the past
i've the courage to tell what's in me all this while
i could share it with others
nothing to shame about when you tell the truth
not everyone have the guts to express themselves
be proud if you can do it
do appreciate if you have someone to share with
a lock which is deep inside me is now unlock
is like a volcano which brew out
although the party who involve do not know the truth
at least there are someone who i can share with
some feeling which is hard to describe in words
but it's no longer a sad one
memories are always the best
it's our experiences
lessons which give us motivation
which helps to push us go further

is sad that if people who has no memory
although is a bad one or sad one
i would rather to have it
because it is how we grow up
and teach us to appreciate the happiness we had

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