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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

21st key

yea,...i bought myself a key
which most parents will get them one when they are 21 year old
and i'm the one who bought it for myself
which i think is more meaningful for me
this prove that i've grown up
where i can support my own financial
as well as my parents or my family's one
so i don't think i need to get it from my parents
i'm pretty sure both of my sisters never get one
so i will not ask one from them too
it might be my mum's present when im 22
it's not that "present"
is something more like a gift which i will let her keep for me
which represent herself to buy myself a present
i believe this sounds great than if i get one from her
am i right??
actually i have spot them earlier
is a very simple design
but i think this is good enough as long as i like it
my birthday is in december
but i already got it now....lol
1 more month to go
can't wait to wear it on anymore =P

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