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Thursday, October 29, 2009

K time ~ wu-hoo

finally got a partner to K with in SG
we really on sia
came back from Milan on tuesday
meet up to have Sarawak laksa and kolo mee
then one rest day at home
didn't really rest for me
went out for drinks which is a simple farewell for Rudi
today came out for K and drinks
and we both have to operate an early morning flight tomorrow
siao ar!!....tiring yet enjoying...hehe
really hard to get accompany for K nowadays
specially in SG
cannot be happy hour myself right??

anyway went to NTUC to buy some food stuff for my dinner
boil barley water and pan fried pratta
lol....gonna share with housemate
finally did something for them...hehe
and meeting Steph on board tomorrow
so will bring her some as well
hehe....wish i could sleep earlier tonight
gotta wake up at 4am le....sienz.........
wish me luck for tomorrow flight
which i will not meet "someone" on board sia
see ya!

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