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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

a sudden plan

it was a sudden plan which decided by cindy
it happens after we had dim sum breakfast with my mum...lol
and you know what??...
she has been driving me around for so many times before i got my license and my car
and now is my turn to drive her to penang
we have been saying to do things like this since secondary school
finally it has happen
and what we actually wanted to do is just to eat laksa
drive 1 and half hour all the way from ipoh to penang
because of laksa??
yes..it is....but of coz we still wanna go to the beach..hehe

this is the laksa we had mention earlier
this is the only place we remember we had nice laksa before
actually i do not know the way in penang
but still we happen to came all the way for this laksa
yes,...with a little of her memory and mine
and then we were there

after having our laksa
must take a walk to the "Ji Le Si"
but we didn't walk all the way up
because we are lazy and the weather is too hot
which make us felt so lazy to walk up
but still must visit our friends -- turtle
the big family...they are so many of them
which you could not count i guess

after that we drive down to the town to get the well known biscuit from penang
and drive up to batu feringgi where all the beach are
chose a cafe to settle down
enjoy the sea breeze, the nature, the sun and our drinks
it has been a comfortable evening

we end up went to gurney plaza to have a short walk
followed by having dinner at gurney drive
where you can find all the local food
it was a great day which is full of things we wanna do
all the way drive back to ipoh
the place where we were born
but still we can be lost
because of the stupid change over of the highway
and a stupid wrong turn spent me another 30 minutes to reach home
gosh!! so embarrasing.....
i can understand that we lost our way in penang due to our infamiliarity
but still we can be lost in ipoh where i have live for 20 years
sigh....is our secret...do not tell anyone please..................!!
anyway i have posted out here.....lol

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