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Saturday, October 03, 2009

happy mooncake festival

almost a year from the day i came over to sg
it feels like a week ago
in fact is a year ago my last mooncake festival celebration with family
no mooncake, no candles, no lanterns this year....
but thanks Glenda who had dinner with me
it was a rainy day
i walk out to the mall under the rain
and finally it stops on my way back
time to start celebration after raining
i saw kids playing downstairs with friends and family
reminds me what we just talking about that day
i was meeting my cousin last weekend
we saw a lot of stores selling lanterns
we mentioned about what we use to play last time
she has the chance to go back for this festival
but i don't have the chance
that's too bad
but i have no choice
at least im going home after this
we were saying that lanterns have a lot of design nowadays
even with light and music which you just need to use battery
it isn't as dangerous as we use to play in the past
and they have all different types of cartoon faces of lanterns
it was too fast to accept the truth
we are getting older now...lol
in my next few years
im will need to celebrate all these festivals alone
no more family days
no more celebrations
everything gonna be myself alone in sg
this is the truth since i choose to leave my home
since i choose to be independent
but i believe all i did its worth to sacrisfy what others having in my age
it means a lot to me
and i learned to appreciate more
i think i have grown up after seeing all i've seen in this period of time
whatever in the past no longer important
the most important is what's next in my future
i just need to look forward
and i believe its gonna be much better if i willing to work hard
the hard time gonna be the past
and there are a lot of good things coming towards me
what im doing today is just to get a better life for my parents
but of coz what we do is for ourselves as well
this festival just reminds me of a lot of things
i miss my family and my friends so much...
anyway HappyMooncakeFestival to all

with love

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