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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

a sign on me

something that i wanted to do for so long
finally got the chance to do it
im not really well prepared
i was there with a little of fear but excited
first thing you must have an idea what you want to do
tell the tattoo artist and they will draw it out for you
or you may bring your own design
i have brought my idea my design in my mind
and i just need to tell the tattoo artist my design so he can draw it out for me
with my own little touch up here and there
and here we go....this is my tattoo

firstlly he so called "printed" it on the position where i wanted to tattoo
make sure it is straight and nice in position
and the works start with doing the outline of it
you may see a lot of reddish on my skin
the tattoo artist told me that's because of my skin sensitivity
followed by doing some shadows with the colours that i wanted

the last step is to touch up all the colours
and thats the end of a tattoo
it's a little painful after it's done
because of the position that i choose to do is somewhere with the bone
it only takes 1 and half hour to finish the whole thing
and yet i have got a sign on me now
a naked girl with the butterfly wings
people who knows me will know what it means to me
something which can represent myself
about my stories,....my experiences,..........
people who saw it said it looks sad
but in fact that's just stories inside me,....
added a wings with blue in the end which shows more about my personality
maybe i would say that's what people see from me at the very first impression
blue = cold and cool
yet the wing shows the freedom that i have
it means a lot to me
and thanks to mun yee who helps me to portray what i have been thinking
or else i can't really see what i have portray in my mind
i really like it because i now can see a ME on me....lol

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