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Saturday, October 03, 2009

i wanna go home

its been a month i didn't go home
im so excited for this coming holiday
because i have planned everything so well
oh yeah!!
im not gonna waste my holiday this time
i wish i can spend it all fully
i can't wait to see my parents
my room, my car,...everything that's waiting for me!!
and of coz my friends..........
who are going to spend time with me for the trip
going to Malacca where i have not been in the past 20 years
and Cameron Highland where i have not been there for so many years
im so excited!!!!!
can't wait anymore....
but sigh...there is another HKG turn tomorrow
its gonna be a very busy and tiring day
ish....i don't care anymore
as long as im going home.....
here i come....Ipoh,Kl,Malacca and Cameron!!
what else i have??
sing karaoke with siau huey, cousins gathering, eat mooncake,...
eat mummy's cooking, meet whoever necessary,....etc etc.....
will update you guys for all my trip photo
gonna take a lot of pictures....yippee!!

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