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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Athens~Santorini 11-13sep

yeah...finally my turn to be here -- Athens
everyone can't wait to ask for the tour once we touch down
wasted some time to ask for everything before we go for our rest
and we decided to go out after a short nap
we took the shuttle provided by the hotel to the town
we have no idea where is the tourism agency we talking about
follow the wrong way and get back to when we alight from the bus
it is just opposite of the pick up point
and you know what??
is raining and it is very cold
none of us are well prepared
im in a t-shirt and a jeans
OMG!! and i have been walking around with this attire
end up we settle our bill and went for our lunch which Tim recommented
the food are all delicious but with a higher price
its worth i guess??
at least we all satisy...thanks Tim
lunch follow by sightseeing
we keep walking down to the street which none of know the way
and we just keep going by our sense
ya...we sense it and we were there
they decided to go to the museum instead of acropolis
maybe next chance when i get to go Athens again

this is taken in front of the museum entrance
im not so sure you can see from the photo
there were something underneath

and this is acropolis...from far....
some of us decided to catch the last shuttle
and we left earlier because it was too cold to stay any longer
feeling excited for the next trip...Santorini....................

get up early morning
took a boat to where we wanted to go
look at everyone's sleepy faces...lol
it was a long journey...about 6 hours to get there
we spend this 6 hours by doing nothing
it was a boring and tiring journey *-*

this is Amelia from Indonesia
we are going to do the same flight to Manchester after Athens...wu-hoo

the first stop -- Paros
finally got a chance to step out
so must capture some photos...hehe
oh ya...this is Eva from Indonesia too

finally here we are.....Santorini...here i come.....
i would say it is a mysterious island
because where we alight is just the port
we still need to get up there which is more like a mountain
so is an island or a mountain??

doing some stretching after sitting for 6 hours...
woo.....i love the sun and the beach.....
but i think is a bit too cold to swim

we rented two cars to drive around this mystery island
but of coz before we need to check in to our villa before we started our journey
jom mari....lets go!!!!!!!!!!

villa Asteras....our rented apartment

such a comfortable and nice view in front of our room

im lovin it....hahahhaa

there are shops just nearby
which is so convenient

everyone is hungry
we decided to grap something before we drive off
this is a kebab shop
it was great........yummy!!

our first destination -- Perisa beach

which is so called a black sand beach

wanted to grap some black sand but im lazy to wash my hand...hehe

suppose to be heading to the red beach
found a nice place so just stop by to take some nice pictures
this is our big family...whahahahaha....
the 7 of us who are here for the tour
from the left :-
Jessica, me, Daniel, Eva, Andy, Amelia and Javier
you can feel the strong wind here
is like you gonna fly up with the wind
wow...and it is so high when you look down
what if......???.....

the red beach with red rocks moutain

i guess this is a church

we never go forward to find out...sob sob

the stones and the sand are all in red colour

stop by again while we heading to next destination -- the Light House

yeah....my turn to be sitted in Smart

yup...this is the light house

time to leave

we need to catch the sunset at the other end of the island

Oia...the best location to view the sunset from the island

while waiting......

and it was so cold when it almost come to the night
hehe...thanks for Javier's jacket
somemore wanna scold me:"already wearing jacket...still wanna complain cold.."

that's all we can see

because the sun has been covered by the cloud
that's too bad....>p<

drive back to the villa and going for dinner at Lithos
which recommented by the owner of the villa
and they have decide to go for club after dinner
which me and Eva decide to sleep....hahahaaa...
ya....call me lazy worm.....

the only night view of Santorini i have captured

second started with breakfast and shopping

time to check outbut we can't find Andy

since we are waiting why not taking pictures??
hehe....and my sun tanning time....wow!!
oh ya...in the mean time
we were verbally fighting over and forcing each other to finish the very big cans of beer

we are suppose to go Ancient Tera which is on top of the mountain

where we are too lazy to walk there so just look for a nice view and take picture

ya...this is the best view we discovered

we don't have a chance to ride on it around the island

so just borrow from someone and capture a photo

this is the other car we rented

gonna say goodbye to him soon

we drop by a wine museum since we still have some times
that's the owner of this wine museum
someone who loves painting
so it has became a art space now
but still he selling wine which develope by himself
let's take a look at the art space and his wine

wine tasting time

2.50 euro for tasting 3 types of wine

and the rest of us are taking picture again...

this is the view where i find out after i secretly captured Eva
time to go home
we need to catch the time to reach the port
so we will not be late for the boat
is another 6 hours
but thanks god
they play some shows during the journey
so that's not too bored like the previous one
and we bought s lot of snacks earlier...whhahahaaaa....
snacks time.....
here is the end of our tour
it was a great and fun one
time flies man....missing everyone and the tour so much
anyway thanks for the accompanied for this trip
hope to see you guys soon....
Santorini...a great place to visit...
visit once if you have the chance
i think it can be a great place for your honeymoon
you may consider....
or bring your family along
it's a relaxing place to visit too
hope you like it!! =p

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