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Thursday, September 17, 2009

a plan which i couldn't step forward

i have known that i have another annual leave next month in october
which i actually plan to go Taiwan
which i dream to go since long long time ago
it is not a problem for me to travel alone
but it seems to be more fun when you get to travel with friends
but is was a sudden plan
so no one could affort the trip
so what's next??
maybe just spend the week in Malaysia
which we can go Malacca or Penang or any other places
be honest that i don't even know where we can go in Malaysia
ya...im sure there are a lot places to visit
but where to??
can anyone answer me??
not even my friends know any of a place
so??...end up still no plan
my heart doesn't feels good
i felt so moody when someone discuss about it with me
which i really feeling so annoying which i can;t think of any other plan
i ask myself why not just go somewhere myself
so that i don't have to bother anyone or anything??
but how??
is already 17th of september
i should have arrange everything at least 1 month earlier
and i need to book and comfirm my ticket at least 1 month earlier
which i don't have enough time to do it now
what to plan??
why must everything come from planning??
can't the last minute plan works well??
is just depends on the one who said so
if you want to go im sure it can works well right??
why must think of so many issues??
who go la how to go la??
and the only 2 who can travel with me are being so busy with their work
Danielle and Mun Yee.....i really pray hard which you both can spend time with me
i really wish to do something else for this off days
im too boring to do the same thing over and over again
let's pray hard my girls...
i love you god....please help me...please!! =(

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