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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Moscow~Red Square

my first time to Moscow
and most of us are the first time visitor
to freshen up ourselves once we reach the hotel
and meeting up for lunch and sightseeing to red square
the must see in Moscow

(photo provided by Filo)

all russian...none of us could understand that

and 99% of the local could not understand us
just to try our luck
we get someone to buy the train ticket
heading to our destination -- Red Square

the longest escalator i have ever seen
is scary man...i couldn't even see the end of it

(photo provided by Filo)

here we are Russia Red Square
everyone is busy taking pictures
so do i

is time to eat
everyone is feeling hungry
this is the mall which we looking for
what are we going to have for lunch??
some local food or whatever it is
i'm not so sure too...lol
but sorry,..i don't like it

can you believe??
this is a mall
i like the design and it just looks good
it looks more like a railway station for me...lol

the mini St Basil Cathedral

and this is the original St Basil Cathedral

must leave your name before leaving

sourveniors that i have bought

i am not going to tell you the price..lol

anyway must gather to buy together
and brgain with the seller
and you i'm sure you can get a better price
there have variety of Russian dolls
bigger or smaller??
some with 5 dolls inside
7 or 10 dolls inside....
which ever you like
and different type of painting come with different price as well
remember...must bargain ya!!

opps...Red Square again??

ya...the second day with the other set of crew
which is my batch girl's set of crew
but is wasted that this day is a rainy day
but still everyone gonna enjoy taking pictures around
and i had a better taste of food today
this is Zira,...one of my batch girl
who is the youngest in our batch
im sure im gonna have lots of fun with fun
because she is a very playful girl...lol

this is another train station with lots of nice painting on top and the wall

reach the hotel and order room service for dinner

Zira had salmon and i hav pizza....yummy!!

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