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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Houston 30aug09

we are now in Houston after Moscow
and preparing to go Nasa (the Space center) follow by shopping

this is the train which brought us around the space center
and there is a tuor guide who gonna explain everything to us
his name is -- JJ

Touch The Moon
this is a cosmos which is 3.8 billion years old
this moon rock brought to earth by the 17 crew of Apollo in december 1972

we spent the whole morning in space center
to watch their video and learn something about the space
is lunch time
just drop by the macdonald next door to grap our lunch
and the most excited moment -- shopping
everyone have prepare their credit card for this very moment
and yes...i have got something which is cheap and i like
which gonna have a longer stay in Houston
so that we can have more time to shop for more stuffs..lol
shopping queen....weeeee........

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