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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

touch down-Zurich

i have just check in
i was thinking about my way back
even before going for flight
i can't wait to go back sg anymore
you know what??
my best friend is coming over on the day i back to sg
yeah!! im so happy
very excited
can't wait to do what i have thought
things that i will not do by myself
oh yeah!! a lot of plans
gonna have a fun holidays in sg with my dear
wu-hu...1st time i felt that i want the time goes faster

same thing happened
boring days in Zurich
no sightseeing, no shopping, no outing...
oh ya...just went to the mall to get some chocolates
thats all i have did
but one thing i pretty i will do is the gym
the only gym which won't make me feels that im forcing myself to do so
because they have a lot of work out classes which you can join
like pilates, yoga, steps, etc
although i did not join those classes
but i would still going to do some work out
which makes me feel better coz i just can't stay in the room for 24 hours
ya..im bored...
but thanks erika for the disc
so that i have series to watch
which i will not be that boring
come on...time goes faster please!!

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