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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

i did it

is only 7.30 am in the morning but im awake
deicided to have breakfast in the hotel
enjoying my breakfast and reading some magazines
i took 2 hours in the restaurant just to read my magazine
is 9.30am...seems still early
thought of walking to the nearest supermarket just to get a bottle of water
end up i decided to walk down to the city instead of taking the train
i don't really know how to get there
i just follow the track of the train
because i remember i took train 2 to the town during my last trip
you know what??
i took 50 minutes walk to reach the town
i just want to have some walk
but end up i spent some times doing it huh??
so why not walking around this shopping area
but sigh everything just too expensive for me
i don't have much cash with me
but no harm walking around
i spent another hour on some shops
just realise that the lake is just in front of me on the way back
i should have noted that earlier
instead of turning left to the shopping area
i should have turn right so that i might decide to take the cruise tour
yet i walk to the lake and stay there for about 15 minutes
for what?? considering whether should i take the cruise
haha...i did not and i continue my way back to the hotel
on the way back i drop by starbucks to get a cup of blended mocha
is another 50 minutes walk
althought i have spend all my way by walking
but im not feeling tire yet im enjoying it
is a nice weather to walk around i would say
i have realise it can be fun just by walking around
although im alone but i have my mp3 to be my partner on my way
i felt satisfied to spent my morning by doing all this
i have printed my footprint in Zurich

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