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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

part 2 on 14aug~istana park

purposely walk here to take some pictures
found that there is a nice place to have photoshooting
- Istana Park
and our main charcater today - 'tiang lady' - mun yee
i guess this is the bird nest of this lost bird...lol
and i think she is having fun although she is lost...lol

mun yee just too excited to see so many Singapore flats here
and we are actually looking for our way to get across there

Follow The Rules ... okay?!?

happily walking and being being by our photographer of the day - Ken

the main point of taking this is because we saw Merlion logo on the tiang

but our tiang lady should be thirsty so can't wanit to drink some water..haha

Mun Yee : aiyo!! faster la...very hot la....

photoshooting started
you can see three monkeys climbing up and down to do possing
hope this is not too over for you all
life should be having fun right??
relax la bro!!
actually we have more to show
might gonna show you all after i edited

happy moment just need to be ended so fast
Ken got to go liao ... =(
left two lossing birds then
is ok...what girls can do??
shopping la....let's go
we are now heading to Bugis...yeah!!
the reason why mun yee is here...lol
of course to see me as well la...hehe..perasan-nya

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