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Thursday, August 20, 2009

im feel so bad =(

is a truth that im having lots of fun during my off days in sg with dear friend visit
but im just kind of moody
and i really don't know why
is a nature of out of control or i just didn't control myself
no excuses should be applied when doing something wrong
i should have control myself from being moody
i had ruin something so badly
which i felt so upset and i can't get rid of it
kinda disappointed and angry
which i don't know what i should do and say
because its already happened
nothing could fix it and change it anymore
its too late to say anything
i just wish i could have do things perfectly in future
which i will not being upset and disappointed again before its too late
someone is right
i should have change and fix it since i know i have did it wrongly
i should have self-control
i should have do it better as what i have thought in my heart
i should have do things in a positive way
i wish i could do it better
instead of being upset and blame myself after things have happened
warn me if im doing it again...please... =(

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