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Sunday, August 30, 2009

dear friends

there are more and more goodbye aheads
can't you see that we are saying goodbye everyday??
although we will see each other in 5 minutes time
or the next day or the day after tomorrow??
sometimes one goodbye had mention
it takes a longer time to say hi again
it can be 1 week, 1 month, 1 year or even 10 years
we are now on the 2nd place
we are going to say goodbye and we are not sure when is our next hi
tears drop but this is the most important stage we are in
heading to our future
looking forward to our dreams
we are all working hard today
because we are looking forward to the next better stage
aren't we??
although is sad to say goodbye
we have no choice
but we promise we are going to meet again on the day we success
i'm not sure how long it gonna be
but i'm sure once we succeed we can be together again as in the past
lifes are tough
we might wanna give up somewhere
but why not we think about our promises??
set this as 1 of our target
i'm pretty sure we can stay stronger with it
because we can't wait to see the day we are all back together again
isn't it nicer when we have more time to stay together after we settle down everything
and start enjoying our life peacefully??
stay strong my friends
we are all fighting together
you are not leaving behind
you are not alone
because our hearts are linked
perhaps we are far apart
but we are together heading to the lights in front of us
we are all looking towards the day we success
let's do it together
do not give up
because it will just gonna delay our journey to the day we have set
aren't we looking for the "HI" by saying a "GOODBYE" ??
with love ~ yvonne

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