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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

blanket talking.....

get to meet a friend of my bestties in Sg finally
where we use to joined Latin Basic for 1 or 2 sem
then we stopped and never get to see her again
and guess what
such a coincidence
she is a friend of this girl who actually just get the same job
and i happened to post on her wall in FB
Alyssa drop by saw it and since there and then
we contact again

she is so passion and wanted to get this job so much
so she get my contact and ask me more about this job
i encourage her to go for the next interview in PG
she went and she got it
so she is here now
another coincidence happened
she just stay a few block next to mine
never get to meet up since the day she is here
about 2 weeks ago i guess??
im having a day off today so thought of drop her a msg
see if she is free to meet up
i went to her place and spent 2 hours chatting
why blanket talk instead of pillow talk??
coz we got no pillow to hug
we are not in pajamas
but we are hiding in the blanket...lol

i can understand hows the feeling of being alone away from home
so i wanted to tell her she is not alone now
althought we might not get to meet often
but at least she has a friend here if she has a problem
hope she can be more independent
be tough and stay happy in a new environment
at least get her prepared by sharing some of my experiences
how much we can enjoy with this job
cheers Alyssa~Shy Mei ^.^

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