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Monday, May 31, 2010

Justina in town

can you believe it??
Justina is in Ipoh
she came all the way during my day off in Ipoh
i brought her makan & jalan around in Ipoh
as i said
Ipoh food do impress people
like Justina does
and of coz Ipoh coffee
special introduce to people who loves coffee
you will never complain
spend the night chit chatting
how i miss all this moment like we do in collage
those days we spent together
nobody can understand how tough it could be
when you are all alone in somewhere
babe....i love sharing with you
because you do understand
i appreciate that
for standing such a bitch who loves to tell grandmother stories
lol,.....anyway this is the nature born for girls
and we know this is how real friend comes
by showing the real you
by sharing & listening all the time
i love you babe
hope to see you soon in Malacca!!

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