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Friday, June 04, 2010

money makes devil

has been watching a korean series recently
isn't a new show but watch 1 ep when i night stop in Beijing
came home to search it so that i can understand the whole story

i'm not too sure which ep i have been watching in the hotel
but at first i thought it's just a typical love story
in fact it isn't
what i have been watching until ep 12
telling me that how evil can a person be
because of money
because of self-esteem
how cruel can a person be
the death of the 2nd husband
a stepmother abandon a girl with exceptional brother
which are the childs of the husband
by using lots of lies
saying how difficult her lives gonna be
but she never thought of once she tells a lie
she has no turning back
what she can do is just to keep telling lies in future

even in real life
i really think this is very true that
money can makes devil
people fight within one another because of money
although is a fact that we need to survive with money
but there is always a headstream which started the fire
people can always choose to have free and easy life
instead of living in such a stressful life like what we have now
everybody have to fight for a better life
why is it so??
i believe nobody can really tell the answer
i would think that money can buy us what we wants
instead of what we need
you might disagree with my statement
let's put it this way
why do people fight??
i would say most of them were thinking
they want to own better life than others
the answer always come with "i want to have this or ......"
how about our needs??
what make us survive is actually the needs
we need food, we need a shelter, we need health,....
we need happiness,.....
yes,....of coz we still have to pay for certain thing in need
but does it really cost much??
maybe you gonna tell me a house is expensive
why don't you think there is a shelter for you
a shelter come with the family
a happy family....

how about certain needs which we can't buy??
but still i have seen people who have thought
saying that they can buy it with money
sometime things can be very simple
and you can own happiness at the same time
but people tend to forget what is the real happiness
i ever remember my english teacher asked me a question before
"what money can't buy"
i answered:"family&friends,happiness,health,..."
she stopped me when i said health
she ask me why money couldn't buy health
if you have money you can buy supplements
when you are sick you have moeny to see doctor
then i said :" maybe i should say live"
can you buy a person who is already dead??
can you gain back the health you use to have with money??
does it mean that you can hurt people just because you need money??
how about people who work hard on it
i believe is the society which brought out robbery case
because everybody seems to be brain washing saying
we must live in better life
which means we can own a better live only with lots of money??
is the GOD who create the world telling you about that??
i don't think so
i really can't see the humanity anymore
this is why suicide cases happening
there are too much pressure in our life
this shouldn't be this way
happiness can be very simple
you might think i can earn a lot with my job
but how do we define a lot??
do you ever know how i have been tru in the past??
have you ever work hard to get what you really want??
have you ever think what i sacrisfying for life??
do you ever understand how worried my life is??

how about people who have born with nothing
but they work hard and earn their better life now??
how about people who have born in wealthy family
always think money can get everything they want??
have they always realise this is all gain by the first party
although i have seen people who are so useless born in wealthy family
but this series tell me more about them
they really think that money come from the creature of GOD
this is why i always think that a person who is rich
is not the numbers they earn
not the numbers they own in their account
is how knowledgeable and how useful is a person
not only for themselves but for others and the society
the world is coming to the end
although nobody can tell how true can it be
but why not start doing something for yourself
for your family and the society before it is too late
remember you can never predict tomorrow
do something proud about yourself
remember it by heart
bring it with you until the end of your life
at least you know by heart
there is a rainbow ever appear in your heart

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