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Friday, June 11, 2010

when guy said....

kind of weird feeling
has been meeting guys recently who actually tell me to open my eyes
look in deep and choose a man properly
does it means even strangers saying that i could deserve a better man
or just because im still young and single
so i deserve a better choice??
im not so sure why is it so
but i would think one of the reason could be
at least they can tell i am someone serious and sincere in love
so i deserve a better one

someone telling me
if you want someone to fill in the blank
the first thing you have to do is to blank out a space
mine wasn't blank nor full
it's actually in grey
another word could be frozen
not by whoever in the world but myself
it was frozen after seeing all kind of man from my family
it was frozen after too much stories from friends
isn't it scary??
im not the only person have this thought in the world
there are too many
just hidden even being ignore at somewhere around the corner
someone keep telling me its just not your time yet
you will have meet someone someday
i ain't refuse to accept any of those
i ain't afraid of being the "singles"
it's just sharing there are a lots more of "me"
living somewhere in the world
who looks tough but frozen by heart
this is so call a sign of insecurity
they are just protecting themselves
they need protection like everyone else do
even for a man i would say
different people different sex have their own insecurity
find it out and give everyone your supports
do remember we all deserve a choice
go for a better one
love yourself before learning to love someone
i believe everything have to start from doing it by yourself
before you want to apply it on the others

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