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Thursday, June 17, 2010

baby ivana's bDay ~

bought KFC and some can drinks to Soo Theng's house
thought of giving her a surprise
she wasn't surprise at all
mission was failed...lol
because she was too hungry to be surprise
she just need to be feeded....lol
5 girls talk on the dining table while having lunch
about everything,...
sharing, laughing,....
the friendship of 10 years.....
and tell you what?!?
honestly the KFC from Bercham branch is sucks
never have it there again...
suppose to have a real celebration at night
a few of them meet for steamboat dinner
while a few of us having dinner with family
so meet up for later yum cha section

bought a chocolate mousse cake as her b'day cake
although knowing that she doesn't really fancy choco
but im sorry to say most shops are close
but luckily it isn't taste sucks
and she has a better present and cake
homemade by Chooi Lian
not bad at all

most of them left after cut cake ceremony
left me, Chooi Lian, Ivana and her darling
he was too busy to watch the World Cup
and three of us were too busy to camwhole

that's the end of the day
the happy moment is over
i will be back to Sg the next day
and everybody back track to the busy days
Ivana~take care
we love you!!
looking forward to see you girls in July =)

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