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Sunday, March 06, 2011

protect yourself

people who know me well know im pretty stubborn
never accept suggestions
never accept advice
never accept compliments
never accept their cares
but i really do appreciate that
always appreciate people who cares
always appreciate people who remember
always appreciate people who stay
always appreciate people who support
but im too afraid to handle all of these
because i believe we came alive with empty handed
there is nothing that is belong to us
too much hopes will cost us disappointment
disappointment which cost us bleed
which i can't afford any of it 
instead of rely on any of it
rather to handle all by myself
we have to protect our own
specially when you are alone
gain more experience when you are alone
this is the only period where you can learn as much
so stay firm and strong
evils love to attack when we are weak
don't accept any sympathetic just because you are lonely
you wouldn't know when they gonna harm you
get to know more friends in life
observe and learn from others
we can always learn and share among friends
but home is always the best place to stay on
family is the only trustworthy person in our life
not say that friend cannot be trust
only if you know them well
but we wouldn't know if they have been wearing a mask 
open up your social network
mix around with different character with different background
there is how you learn to read people
pick reading as a hobby
always seek for improvement
it doesn't have to be rich
it doesn't have to be graduate
everyone can be smart in life
it just depends how you make it work

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