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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I don't go home as often i use to be
People might think why i never miss home
As such they never understand how tiring traveling is
In fact i hate being another character in Mas
You never know the warmth and cares i felt in Sg
Being alone in Sg never been an issue to me
My job helps to widen my view of the world
Meeting weirdos, differentiate enemies and making friends
How interesting it is about life
How interesting it is about humans
I would say i have grown up
Not by stepping out in this community
But i would say because i have learn from a lot of peoples
People who share with me what they have been through
People who teach me how to get myself improve
People who took care of me in Sg or outstation which is not my home
People who spent their valuable day off and time with me
People who gave me hard time in terms to learn and grow
They are people who i met in short period of time but i felt treasured

is totally the other way round when im back in Mas
how perfect i am in their eyes
but In fact i am nothing
other than sharing about our lifestyle
i felt we are comparing with one another
not to say who is the best
but to complain what we have to go through
in fact i just felt needed which i am strong in their eyes
i felt adore because i am brave in their eyes
which actually brought me lots of pressure
which i can't feel the cares and treasure
in fact no matter how much effort i have put in
i will never be the best neither the important person
since then i have learn i need to treat myself better than anyone else
i have learn family is the only trustworthy person in the world
they are people who i met before age of 20
people who i spent most time with and treasure most
but people who make me grow a lot faster than my age group

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