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Thursday, March 31, 2011

learning process

there is a unknown number
for people we have seen in our life time
people we have met so far
we never know
things that we can learn from them
no matter who they are
no matter where they are from
it doesn't matter whether you like them or not
i would say
too much that we need to know
too much we need to learn 
so do not refuse to know anybody by any chance
you need not to be close with them
but at least sat down once with them
listen to the topics which they brought up
learn to differentiate things which are best to know
i would say no matter they are a good character
or how bad is a character
there are always lessons that we need to know
at least when you see someone you don't like
so you know you can't behave like them
when you see a good example
like a successful person
set them as a target
and you know what you need to work harder on
instead of blame and gossips behind others
but never learn a lesson
mix around with people who have experience
we learn to improve
i believe they always kind enough to guide us along
at least they would love to share
all we need to do is just sit down and listen
is always good to have friends
from different background
from different culture
from different age group
with different personalities
open your eyes
open your ears
close your mouth
the best way to learn
even when a stranger would to judge you
never say anything but listen
if you were to agree with what others said
so do something about it
need not to explain
do it and prove it
we improve not to shown
but to help our own for our future
need not angry or avoid people who harm you
you have done nothing wrong
no one should have affect you for your life
we choose what we want to do
we choose what we want to be
set our goal
work hard for it
there is always a future no matter what it is
there is always success in front of us
it might be tough
but we have to make it works
we have to make things done
and there is the miracles which welcome us

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