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Friday, February 18, 2011

time to reboot Fairy's spirit

i would to say i am back
it's time to let go
put it in a positive way
believe it is a good start
i can't promise that i will not think about it
but let see this is not the first time it happens
i can handle it well
think it further it's time to move on
i have got more task to accomplish
i have got big dreams to achieve
so that is it
i don't have the time to wait
i can't affort to slow down on my path
there are plenty of task which awaiting for me
this is to prove i can do it well
this is to prove i will hold it tide
i believe i have done my best
as i always said i grab chances which falls to me
i have tried no matter how it goes
as long i have no regrets being left
another time to remind myself
it will be there for me if it is mine
i shouldn't be relunctant
i shouldn't be pessimistic
as i need not to explain to people who don't know me
as people who know it will support me
i should not be implicate by a person who might not worth it
i should not disappoint numbers of people who stand by me
i shouldn't have let them worried
the past is over
tomorrow would be initial
my fighting spirit is well fully charge
numbers of battlefield are calling for me
theBlueFairy~is reboot

believe smile which bring us luck
believe faith will lead us to success
believe a dream is the preview of future

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