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Friday, February 25, 2011

be happy

i always think happiness is priceless
recently one of my friend telling me that
"money can buy me happiness"
i guess this is very optional
i wouldn't say right or wrong for any statements
it really depends on what you prefer in life
being open about it in this new century
money can really buy happiness in the reality
but most of the time reality will never be fair to us
it is either living in the reality
or living in the fairy tale love story
but being a human we always ask for more
what is fair in life nowadays
i don't see it at all
i don't feel it either
isn't life is too short to be fussy
instead of being choosy in life
i guess it is better to let it be
that is too much works to do in life
that is too much decisions to make in life
that is too much considerations in life
that is too much unpredictable in life
why would you be so obsessive about life
we wouldn't know how short life could be
be happy and cherish instantly
do not hope and ask for the best
otherwise you will never feel contented about life
you will never feel happy about life
stay on your path be who you are
look deep inside as GOD has created you
look around who is always there for you
everyone of us own the happiness exclusively
never compare never complain
the main principle to achieve

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