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Friday, November 19, 2010

my imaginary dreamland

i doubt myself because you doubt
i expect myself because you expect
i feel the joy because of your overjoy
i feel disappointed because you are disappointed
i eat because you love to eat
i said im fat because you are way so far from fat
i never be slim because you are way too slim
i get emo because you have emo
i get upset because you do upset
i laugh because you always laugh
i care because you said you care
i work really hard because you ask me to work hard
i have no confidence because you lose confidence on me
i will give up because you choose to give up between us
i equal everyone because you choose to equal me with others
i do remember because you never remember
i get annoy because you are annoying
i buy clothes because your wardrobe has all kind of clothes
i dress up because you always dress up
i make up because you never live without make up
i save money because you need not worried about money
i love everyone because you get loved easily
i study because you score without study
i drive because you always lazy to drive
i travel to learn because you never need to learn for knowledge
i keep you accompany because you can't do anything without accompany

isn't that i am living on the other's behalf
not about love
not about relationship
but just a simple friendship
friendship towards friends that i care
their words make the difference
the difference of my emotionals
the difference of my thinking
i did not get myself improve although i care
is that because i overlook myself
to observe peoples around 
follow their requirements
do whatever they do
i always try to be in the group wherever i go
i work hard to catch the steps after everyone
never want to be the best
i can't imagine how much more i have done
isn't this just like a small kids
working hard to catch the attentions of their parents
nevertheless it never works
there i realize i never live in my own life
im just living in the imaginary dreamland
where nobody exist nobody cares

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