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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

circles in our heart

there are a lot of people have the same experience as us in life
we can call them a friend when we have similar topics
the longer time we spend
the more experiences we share
we can call them a better friend
but we don't call everybody a best buddy in life
i ever encouter there are people who call everyone best buddy
and actually told me im the most important friend
so what exactly is it??
if we met so many peoples everyday
and you tell everyone they understand you most
so who is the exact important person to you
and how is it when someone you believe in betray you someday
you might choose to forgive them
but do you actually still believe in them??
we should learn to differentiate different groups of people in our life
i believe we all have our own circles in our heart
which meant for different people
who are a friend, family, even enermy to us
i have learn this from a friend
which we should not call everyone your best friend
although you think you are very close to them
because of too many similar topics, experiences
or maybe similar thinking
people who receive it will really expect something from you
because they will believe this statement when you tell them
what if when they realise you actually calling everyone a best friend??
and saying someone else simply understand you
someone simply read your thoughts and stuff
it hurts,.....it really do
don't ever believe someone's promises
people do change
you will never know what exactly is it in a person's mind
there are people that we can trust
we choose them to be
but not because of what they have told you
not because of they told you how important you are
they can choose you to be a person they believe in
but it doesn't mean you have to give them the same treatment
because we judge them by ourselves
whether to fit them into which circle in our heart
believe someone might cause yourself to get hurt in the end
think twice when you judge a person
if you think you are changing by age
they are the same like us
learn the way to protect yourself
stay strong with your thoughts
stay strong with your own statements
the best person we can believe in is our own
if you choose not to protect yourself no one will do

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