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Saturday, November 20, 2010


the feeling of heart got stuck
feel the difficulties in breathing
got the feeling of take a walk
have the feeling of talking to someone
but you just not doing anything at all
nothing could help
just got stuck by something
since the night before
which was my sleepless night
don't ask me why
i have no idea at all
might got a hint to the answer
but i refuse to know
i just don't want things to happen again
i don't want to get disappointed anymore
just feel emo
while i needed to talk
and there is no one to reply me in sms
neither on the msn
there are so many names appear on the line
there are so many contacts in the phone
where you realize there isn't anyone you can talk to
i might just need something to distract me
out off this stupid feeling
the feeling that killing me
the feeling that burning my heart
i hate this feeling
the feeling of waiting or expecting
yet it was so empty in there
where no one can fill it up

*yes, i was the one ruin everything*

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