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Monday, November 22, 2010

the barrier

our thinking really make our day differently
if you are having good mood day ahead
you will realize nothing could spoil your day
if you feel depress beginning of the day
neither a compliments make your day
people do have emotions
just to see how we handle it 
or how we want to bring it to our days
it may not just gonna affect our day
but it will also affect people around us
i admit that i'm not a person who can handle my emo well
i should say i can not handle it at all
i can be so emo most of the time
i think one of the main reason 
is because i am very stuborn
i don't really listen to others' advice
i keep thinking no one could understand me 
neither anyone cares
i feel bad that i have this thought
while so many people worried
will that be i'm so afraid of believe in anyone
i guess i am
will that be the barrier in me is too high??
which hardly allow people touches my heart
how could i cut down the barrier in me
since we couldn't forget about our memories
maybe i should have build it firm instead of high
so that it could be stride over easier
because i believe i have a soft heart too
just to see if i willing to let go
or to open it wider for the others
give me some times i guess
until the day i would let go everything in mind
or the day someone touches my heart

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