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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

magic man??

was watching this movie online
which talking about a girl (a writter)
who working in the business field
just to search and date a man in suits
which is mainly for her article
at the same time
she is browsing around for her magic man
a magic man = a dream man
comparing a man after another
see how many points they score
she date a man who fulfill the requirements most
but he isn't the man in suits
broke up after she found him telling lies
she fake a character for her article
who is actually a man works in her office too
she has finish the article and got fired by the boss
after he found out that she is a writter
she got the chance to write for the cover page story
her senior reminds her of the man that she met
and finally she realize she has found him actually
someone she never thought of
he doesn't even score any of her requirements
they seeing each other
and work together everyday
yes,...the boss
this is how we never expect in life
while we working so hard over something
searching for the right person
but we didn't realize they are someone stay by our side all time
which we will forget
sometimes people really take things for granted
never appreciate what is around them
nor things that given to them
open your eyes and look around
did you miss out anything in your life??
you will never know 
don't bring regrets to your life
we have requirements for things we do
but usually it comes out with something the other way
never say it will not happen
everything can happen in life
so please appreciate whatever falls to you
it could be your destiny
every junctions come out with different ways
any of them could be a success to you
only those who do not appreciate
give up half way
will lose in their life
so believe in your instinct
so that any way you choose will lead you to success

** there is no right or wrong in love
go for it if you believe it **

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