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Monday, May 03, 2010

a memorable April......

its been a long time i have not update my condition
how have i been??....
for people who have not hear from me for years
im doing good.....although it was a busy April to me
but it was a great one
met peoples who i had fun with
and catching up with friends in M'sia
although it pass too quickly which i cant even feel it
but i know it is mainly because i have enjoy it very much
its like time by pass when you are happy
which you will not notice
honestly it was a quick one
but i have not miss out a single little moment
because i believe i have spent it wisely
isn't happiness we were asking for all time??
i had mine in April 2010
a very memorable one
have you??
get yourself once
at least there is something special in memory about 2010

my memories of April 2010
Cairo 8 Apr

Subang 13 Apr

Lake Como, Milan 19 Apr

hey friends
there is a new page of mine
which from now on
i will use the above link page as my travel intro page
check it out people
thanks for supporting.....muakxx

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