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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

new friends meet up day......

a day which i gather few of my friends together
Emily, Katherine & Eireen

Eireen-Emily's roommate + batch girl
although is not my first time to meet her
but she is a new friend of mine

first meet up for the three of them
is a "nice to meet u" day...lol
more buddies to hang out together in future

besides that i got a surprise on the day before Katherine's b'day
curious huh??
it is also a "nice to meet u" day for me
it is her current bf
and Emily pop out something
"when are you going to give me a surprise??"
i answered "you first"
"because im not a easy to have type"
Em:"why said so???"
Kath:"because she is a superwoman"
we end this topic with "no one know what will happen tmr"
such a interesting conversation

a day with all girls shopaholic
bought some stuff for ourselves
and Kath is the winner shopper for today
had dinner at Empire State in Iluma
suppose to get Kath a surprise
who knows they don't have any cake in the menu
and were saying to go bowling or K box after
end up with all going home
but it was a great day
with food sharing, chit chatting, shopping,.....
is a success "new friends day"
hope to hang out again soon

Eirene & Emily


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