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Saturday, May 08, 2010

im not...

'm not upset for being corrected
i'm not upset because i couldn't accept my weakness
i'm not upset being told if i have done wrong
it's just depends on how's the way you bring it up
i'm upset just because i thought i could have done better
i do appreciate if you corrected me
i do appreciate if you tell me what is wrong with me
but it would be much appreciate if you have put it in a better way
is not shameful to be corrected
it should be glad if there is someone around to help you for improvements
i accepted it and being quiet at the moment
it's because i admit that is a fact

it doesn't matter about self-esteem
it's just a very basic knowledge to all of us
is to shows respect
specially if you say that i'm a person that you thought you know so well
then you shouldn't have say that i'm upset because i can't accept for being corrected
but who knows if i'm working on it??
do i need to tell everyone about this??
i believe people can tell the truth by the time i have improve
i believe that if a person who is so good in terms of their work or life
we need not to speak it out
people can see by their eyes
people can feel it by heart
if you think you are good
prove it instead of say it
i believe talent is very important
but without learning,...talent still means nothing to me
if you say you have good talent for being a good leader
without guidance, without advices, without doing so in experiences....
do you think you can handle it??

everyone makes mistake
everyone has own strengths and weaknesses
but i still believe practice makes perfect
no one can walk since the day they were born
if you really think you have know me so well
and shouldn't have anyone to compare with you
it shouldn't be the way of correcting me
i'm a person who needs encouragement instead of competent
if you are looking for a competent
sorry,....i wasn't the one you looking for
i just want my life to go step by step instead of climbing up high without challenge
i rather to take longer and tougher steps
which i get to see more, learn more,.....
at least i'm using my own experiences
from what i see,...what i hear when i'm sharing.....

i still believe the smaller the step you take will bring you to a further distance
without your acknowledgement,....without your encouragement,....
i still can go further
because i'm no longer a person being stop by barrier
i know how to jump over the barrier
and there are much more peoples standing around the field
by the track and cheer for me
these are people who help us in life
but not people who waited at the goal end of the track    
by telling you how well you have done today
put yourself as a runner on a running track
ask yourself which you needed most
people who praise on you or people who support you??
welcome for any of your answer or feedback
which i can improve myself and learn from you as well


Yvonne aKa ai Wen

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