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Thursday, December 24, 2009

first day off in KL

firstly to thanks the first person i met once i touch down in kl
which is Danielle babe
she is the one who drive all the way to pick me up from airport
and drove me to collect my new ic at Kajang
and went Time Square for the first meal of the day
had a short walk and back to Setapak
met Hui Kuan, who has been waiting for me after class
we anyhow prepare and just thought of having "tong sui" at Kepong
just realise none of us actually know how to get there
and actually someone is waiting to see me somewhere
turn here turn there and finally found the way
had a simple dinner with "tong sui"
and continue second round at Station one with another group
although i spend very little time with them
but it was a sweet talking section after all
they simply just my best friend
can tell what's my condition recently just by reading my blog
gals,...i really love ur so damn much
oh ya,...they are Ivana and Cindy
of course they came with some accompany
Ivana, Emma with their love ones
thanks for meeting up though you are not feeling well, Emma
cross over talking here and there
sounds like a busy talking section
i guess it is....because the guys left us to play games
so we all girls talk over there
sure gonna be a little messy huh??...lol
but i had fun doing that
thanks girls driving down to kl for a short meeting up

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