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Thursday, December 31, 2009

im in Hong Kong....=p

watch so many Hong Kong movies, series, or what so ever
but never been to Hong Kong
yes i did smell the air when i did a turn
and im now in Hong Kong finally,....yeah!!
im so exciting
but its too bad that we touch down at night
or else for sure i will be the first person go out without rest
but even it is at night
but guess what??....
8 crews out of 15 are in the crew room now
wahahaha...most of them are happily drinking
and there is a girl here with me online-ing...hehe
due to the connection problem at home
few days never get to online
i really die-ing already...its really killing me
i couldnt even sleep well without surfing nets just for 3 days??
i just got the feeling like i haven do something
hmm,...but it is ok now
because i just feel like wanna go out and take a walk
i wish i got have anough time to look around
although not a must to go everywhere
but at least i get to shop a little??
and see see look look around??...hehe
that's gonna satisfy me a lot
is 3am now and im gonna "chiong" out at 10am later
i don't care im gonna have a long flight at night
im just too excited
wait for my photos to be uploaded ya??
be patient k,...anyway i cant wait no more.............

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