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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sydney trip with international collegues.....

first time flying with crew who are mostly around my batch
there are 8 non-ranking crew
which the 7 of us are actually foreigner....haha
and we decided to hang out once we touch down in Sydney
we take a 5 minutes walk to Darling Harbour
taken our lunch and take the ferry to the Opera House

there are a lot of interesting activities helding around
we just couldn't resist ourselves to join in the fun
Nia was having fun playing with the Gong
and they were playing with the hula hoop
until some guys came over to tell them that is actually for kids,....haha
Varian voice out to say that he is hungry
so we all went for a quite bite in the mall
is time for us to leave for Opera House
check out the scheduled departure time
waiting for the ferry and taking pictures on the boat
we have been using airlines terms in most of our conversations...lol

here we are....the Opera House
there is very crowded and there is someone palying live band downstairs
still we sing and have fun with the music....haha

photo provided by Varian

and he said that we must have touch it since we are here
snap a shot of it.....memory.........hehe

finally a group photo
2 girls from Indonesia
2 girls from Ipoh, Malaysia
and a guy from Singapore...hehe
erm,...and we actually got a man who do not know how to take picture
so it was a unfortunate one
tour ended and is time to go back
Varian guide us the way of walking back to the hotel
and we bought ourselves ice cream before we depart =p
it was a fun trip with you guys
thanks Varian for the guidance on the street and those photo taking
keep in touch girls.....=)

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