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Thursday, January 07, 2010


yeah!! we are back to HKG after SFO
time to shop this time
meeting up and heading down to the shopping street
saw this "gei dan zai" and curry fish ball stall
decided to have some,...their fish ball is very different from ours
is not as crispy as ours but is more chewy
and most importantly is the curry sauce...yum yum!!
walking down to the street
manage to get few clothes and discovered some cute stuffs
eye-ing on some items and may be back the next day
should get some rest after some walk
walk in to this dessert house "Hui Lau Shan"
they have got different style of dessert
and can tell that they like to use mango as ingredients
because you can see most of the choices are mango flavour

this is what i ordered
a set of mango blended ice with rice ball & carrot cake with XO sauce
but instead of trying their dessert
my main reason to have dessert this time is because i need to use toilet
waahhahaa....how can i talking about food and toilet together??....paiseh neh!!

after we finish walking this Granville Street
we decided to go Temple street which is one station away
saw this shop selling mee
we decide to have our dinner here
we ordered wanton soup noodle
look at the wanton...it's so big and numbers of prawns in it
fresh and crispy taste prawn....=p
while we enjoying our food
there is this couple came in and sit next to us
the guy use to talk very loudly and they are actually talking about us
they were curious what language we are speaking
and my colleague feels so umcomfortable
but i just pretend that i couldn't understand them....
the scene looks funny actually...lol
after we have finish our food
we walk down to the temple street and continue our shopping journey

this is Diana,....my accompany for the trip

while the rest of the crew went for KTV
we walk to the Avenue of Stars
which is only 10 minutes walk away from our hotel
nice weather with nice night view of Hong Kong
since i have not taken photos for the last few days
is time for me to have my photo taking section here...hehe

walking down the street by looking at the star's hand print on the floor
and you guess what??
we saw 2 cute guys,...woohoo....
i guess they were those photographer who offer to take picture for visitors
we ended our trip happily...=)

we have a plan to go "Tai Ze" and "Mong Kok" the second day
we have arrive Tai Ze around 10am to have our breakfast
we have choosen a local "cha chan teng"
and this is what i have-congee, "cheung fun" and milk tea
isn't it very localise??..
like what we get to see in movies
they always have congee and fried meehun for breakfast...hehe
this reatarant called "Dai Ga Lok"
it seems like a fast food restaurant for me
because we order in front of the cashier and pay
and queu for your food
some kind of self service too
ya,..after topping up our stomach
is time for us to 'chiong' for shopping
we actually looking for a street in Tai Ze but i were lost
but we are not that bad
we manage to walk from Tai Ze to Mong Kok
which is the street selling electronics thingy
since "Lui Yan Gai" is not open yet
so we started to look around that area
and you guess what??
we shop from 11am to around 4 or 5pm just at Mong Kok
and continue back at Granville Village nearby our hotel
to get stuffs we had eye-ing on the day before
finish everything by 7pm walk back and tabao some food
that's the end of my Hong Kong trip
my very first Hong Kong trip
i had fun, i love the place,.........
and the main thing is i love their shops
at least they sell fashions which is quite my style
and it is very fashionable...hope i get to go there again soon....

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