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Sunday, June 12, 2011

sugar is making you old

there is a new research shows that
healthy choices may not be better than the unhealthy ones
it's not only the usual high sugar suspects
but the hidden sweet stuff in "healthy" foods which cause ageing

because despite the fact they look and even taste nutritious
the majority of today's so called healthier choices
are frighteningly low on vitamins and minerals
while disturbingly high in sugar

\the result??
we are taking in reams of empty calories
yet leaving our body starved of goodness
and giving fresh-faced looks a premature hammering by damaging skin
sugar is being added to almost all processed foods
yet the food we rely on as being "healthy" or "diet friendly"
they are more often high in added sugar
which because the food mnufacturers wanting to improve taste
the truth is the sweet stuff is seductive
it arouses our appetite to eat more
which leaving us unhealthy on the inside
and lined on the outside

US celebrity dermalogist Dr Fredric says that
sugar attacks skin cells and collagen fibre
which causing elasticity loss
he believes that sugar is enemy number one for ageing
overdoing the sugar will also cause weight gain
too much sugar in blood will get stored as excess fat
much of it will laid down in the lining of vessels
putting us at risk of heart disease and stroke
an increased risk of certain cancers, arthritis, even Alzheimer's disease

avoiding sugar??
sugar is an essential supply of sustained energy to our body
particularly to our brain
the trouble occurs when take in too much
acoiding will get us fatigued, moody and craving for more sugar
which can be far more serious than that

what's now??
time to look out at sugar intake daily
if necessary to cut down if possible
natural sugars from fruits and vegetables can provide essential sugars
so the key is to cut back on the artificial sugars
that cause us exceeding the recommended amount of sugar

Dr Fredric also discussed the connection in his book
What is about sugar diet that can be so detrimental to keeping up a youthful appearance?

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