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Friday, June 03, 2011

i will be back

don't know what is wrong recently
have been drinking a lot
not so sure what am i doing that for
just don't feel right doing such anymore
i need my healthy life style back
i would rather to have more peaceful days like before
although doing nothing with no aims
have to stop all the emo shit in my mind
really can't wait for my annual leave anymore
i wish to go home for the first time
to stay home be mummy's princess
meeting up friends for tea, dinner or even supper
which is more like things that i always do
will not miss out all the hometown food this time
gonna eat them all within a week
but a little exercise as well
maybe calling for the badminton sections again
can't wait no more
need to pick up my fairy's spirit asap
guess everyone has been waiting for me for a long time
i will be back ~ ^.^

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