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Sunday, June 05, 2011

show off!!

what do you think when someone said that you are pretty
most of the time we thought is always best to looks good
have you ever thought that being beautiful is more precious??
this is when i heard this for the first time in my life
when strangers looking at you telling how beautiful you are
not to judge from the outside how you look like
but they say is all the inner beauty which shown on your face
they ain't people who need to entertain me for any benefits
but they are just people who work with me for the first time
telling me from their experiences by seeing so much for years
first time ever i feel great with such a meaningful compliments
by comparing myself with another two girls of my age

the big boss : "Yvonne is a good girl and very leng lui, 
                      how can it be real that she is not attach"

the senior stewardess : "Yvonne is not innocent, she is a mature young lady"

the boss i work with : "Yvonne is very beautiful, 
                                     the inner beauty that shown on her face"

if i ever met them earlier in my life
i would have gain tons of confident 
but it will never too late
i hope i would not disappointed them
with what they have seen in me
i would have do much better
to carry myself and get myself improve
as a better person which belongs to my mama
to impress more people in future
and make my mum proud~

ps~whether is real or fake
i would take it as a support
appreciate for what i have heard
i hope i have work hard enough so far
lots more to work on
far away to future
let's cheers for who i became
also looking forward to see a better me~

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