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Friday, June 17, 2011

be contented

i think life is too short to worry about future
is always good to have plans
but i would have choose to do it slowly by now
i don't like to stress myself up anymore
no one would know what will happen tomorrow
i would love to have a happy ending everyday
not to be too greedy anymore
just wanna feel contented day after day
at least i can feel the happiness before i sleep
don't ask for extra specially in my job anymore
is good enough that i have a full time job
which allow me to survive in my life
also to provide a comfy environment to my family

what else i can ask for??
success ain't that important to me anymore
family would be the first in my list from now on
my health and being happy would be much more important
think further....we can't do anything without a healthy you
in fact you need to waste lots more time and money
if you fall sick (touch wood)
remember that we can walk slowly
even walk further if we are in good condition
life is yet too long for us to earn money
yet it is too far for us to touch it nor see it
so enjoy now and then
enjoy each and everyday that you can live with
the more you expect, the more you get yourself in depression

so why suffer??
isn't it nothing more important than being alive
where you get to see your family and friends
to work with your own hands
to fight for your own in life
need not bother what others talk behind us anymore
i believe everyone has their own destiny
at least to work hard for who we are
be yourself, think positive
our thinking is what most important
it decides who we are in the world
that is it...

"In life you never know
what the next day may bring
so life has taught me
to enjoy everyday like it's your last"

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