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Saturday, April 16, 2011

my pleasure

do you ever remember when was the last time you offer to help others
honestly if you do it genuine by heart
you might not even remember
we would to do it sincerely
we do it by not expecting any returns
i wouldn't say i have done a lot
but i guess i have been being myself so far
never take advantage when people being nice to you
be appreciative altho you might not wanna be nice to that person
you never know if you need help one day
i never expect i would ever get anything in return
but i felt treasure even i felt i have done nothing
pay a visit once in a while
make a phone call or even a text when you are free
drop a message send a blessing on special occasions
treat everyone like your family
i belive i have got more than just a return
i got numbers of friends who just love the way i am
friends who being so kind to my stubbornness
friends who being so appreciative when i babble
i guess im not wrong being a fool
people who willing to stay by me
i believe they would have understand who i am
being straightforward doesn't mean that im rude
telling them in a right way at the right time is very important
is always the way we communicate make things work
trustworthy friend is difficult to get
appreciate if you ever found them
they could be the person who walk you to the end
no matter who you are
loving a friends is like loving your love ones
you might found a friend
who even treat you better than your another half
who would appreacite you more than your partner
we could live without a partner
but we wouldn't without friends
we don't need thousands of friend to survive
a few or even one trustworthy friend is more than enough
i believe i have found them
people who would do the same thing as i did
they might have even did more than i have done
we would to call each other "my gf" than "my friend"
have you encounter the sweetness of a friend
a simple thank you would be good
they would have felt you and love you like you do
never be ashame of who you are
people who talk bad behind you
people who look down on you
people who laugh at you
we don't need people like them in our life
friends suppose a person who support you all the way
who accompany when you are down
i guess most of us have found them
but have you ever say thanks to them sincerely
never too late to have do it today or maybe tomorrow
but don't ever bring regrets to your life
you might even found tomorrow can be too late
be blessed that you are being loved

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