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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

believe and move on

would that be a curse that would have affected??
most of my friends having problems in relationship
it seems like there is nothing i could help
nothing i can do to fill up the hole in their broken hearts
we always said time will cure
but is it really happening??
i ever spent years to let go but it will never heal 
its like a scar been left after a burnt
which will never disappear for life
its just depends on our own
who have to decide whether to forgive and let go
we are the key for our heart
whether to open it wisely or to closing it tide
i have to say i have not done it well
but this is one of the "must" thing we have to been thru
we need to fall before we get succeed
in everything, every stage in our life
we should have believe in ourselves
we could have done even better by our own
no one in life that we can't live without
we lead our own life
we shouldn't be interrupted by people
who doesn't mean to be on our path
they are just a passerby
someone who might just bump into you
someone who might just help you to stand up
someone who might just help to pick up your belongings
someone who might just walk away
any possibility any reason it can be
but we can't expect everybody to stay
neither to ask for help from all
it is always easy by saying so
how difficult it is to do so
is the effort that we need to put in
even more than anything else we need to do
instead of spending time in dreaming
wasting time on giving yourself excuses
wasting time on asking why
maybe we should have just move on
make an effort to fill up your time
on a lot more things which is good for us
working hard, making friends, exercising,.....
started with a healthy life style
started with a healthy mindset
which lead us to a better living standard
bring us more luck and better future
you might even believe the prince or the princess
would have been somewhere there waiting for you

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