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Thursday, January 28, 2010

outing -- 27jan10

its been a while after meeting up with friends in SG
everyone's schedule is so full and so different
and finally gotta meet up with Rebecca today

lets check out what we have done in town

met up at Suntec City for early dinner in one japanese restaurant
ordered sushi, hand roll, mini chasoba, udon mee........
oh remind me of something funny earlier
which is Rebecca suppose to give me a surprise
because she bought me a present which is for my 21st birthday
and guess what??
she brought out the wrong box which is an empty box of hers
instead of mine,....so embarrased...........lol
but it is okay for me,.....
anyway im gonna receive it one day
thanks for choosing me a gift
gonna love it no matter what it is =)

take a short walk around
got stuffs that we wanted and decided to have a drink at Starbucks
and its our camwhole time *_*

* she is trying to cover her pimple *

we left once Rebecca's friend was there to meet her up
and i continue my another catching up section with Katherine
met up at Kallang took a bus to this family karaoke
although is a ulu place for ktv
but the things here is not too bad though
they even have touch screen system
they have nice food for delivery and cheap can drinks
hmm,....i don't mind to go again since the price is so reasonable
they do not count by person
is by room and hours
where you might need to pay double the price in town??
anyway the main purpose is to have fun with buddy isn't it??
and i do have fun
i believe we all do
feel so good after meeting up friends
at least i know im not alone away from home
i do have my own life here
i really hope that we could have more time together
and wish to catch up again soon
who is gonna be next??
date me please.................my friends...................

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