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Monday, January 25, 2010

Milan~my 1st damage trip

this is my second time to Milan
this is a station where most girls like to come
because its a shopping paradise
plus there are sales everywhere now
finally get a chance to come to town - Duomo
nice church huh??.....be very careful when you walking around
be vigillant to look after your valuebles
and do not take things whichever offer by anyone
they will ask for money
went to Saravella on the second day
which is one of the factory outlet in Italy
which is 1 and half hour away from town
most of the shops are the Italy's designer brand
guess what i have bought??
is a Prada bag and wallet
the bag is about 50% off and the wallet is about 40% off
isn't it a very good deal??
i really like the bag and the wallet
this is my very first time spending so much on these stuffs
but i think this is time to pamper myself after 1 year flying
but for sure i did not overspend
i still know how to limit myself
this is the gift for myself
i think this worth me to do so
because i bet i have did a great job so far
i know where my target is
i know when is the time to do what's right
some people might doubt about me
but still there are people who stand by me
we are on the same track
doing the same thing -- the right thing we know
for sure i work behind the scene
i don't think i need to say it out loud when im doing good things
because God is the one who can see it
and God will bless me along the way
i believe in myself -- im gonna do it right one day
thanks for listening when i needed a listener
really miss you

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